venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Someone makes me the bags?

I hate to pack and to unpack suitcases I hate also to go on holiday with my car and so drive it, but after that I like to go and visit new place.
My ideal vacation is going in the United States, but this year the goal change we are going to go to Croatia.
We are going with friends in Istria, many say it is a nice area, we hope, the sea is 'a little' cold we hope to have fun!
Ilaria's family will came with us.
This is 'the third holiday we do together, my big Ricky has fun with the girls Gaia and Ludovica.
Today,after having packed up, I went for a bike ride, not very long up in Frasinetto and than went down to Navetta where I went to visit my mom.
For some days I will not be able' to update my blog, I'll be able only if I find some hot spots wi fi.
Ciao see you soon!

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