domenica 28 agosto 2011

Holiday in Croatia

After fifteen days of vacation it's time to return home and start the job again. We were in Croatia with Ilaria and his family in Savudrja close to Umag.
The sea was spectacular but I have to say that people were not too nice.
The history of Croatia as well as the ex Yugoslavia is big mess that start from Mussolini to Tito and finish with Balcani war in 1989.
We had a great time, Ricky has learned to swim and dive and I managed to get my morning run of 10 km.
Today we had a party with my colleagues to say good luck to Marco, he will start a new job in Lecce and we had a big alcol party!
I back in office in two days so tomorrow and after tomorrow I can still do a couple of bike rides and from tomorrow only one word "diet".
I will post pictures next

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