sabato 17 settembre 2011

September let's start activity

I like September!
In this month we see transhumance, when shepherds bring the cows from the pastures on the plains, it's real culminating with the fair of St. Matthew,Sept 20 21st, where the shepherds meet for two days of revelry with a wine and cheese.
In this moment I'm in the pool i'm waiting Riccardo that has the swimming course, this morning I have already made a run 9 km.
Let's reduce the calories is going good and I also decided to quit smoking!
Yesterday me and Ilaria started spinning, very fun but tiring!
I ran this week on Monday (5km fast),Tuesday (7 km),Thursday (6km) and today, tomorrow long run not less than 14 km.
I see that I can improve the times are now arrived at an average of 5.20 per km I must do better then 5.
Now It's time to see my little fish Riccardo....see you.

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